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PPG Paint Codes



These paint codes have been sourced online

and put here for reference.

You will have to check that the colours are correct.

I have not tried these colours myself.

Thankyou Crashtec






The numbers for

PPG Deltron DBC Basecoat




2000/2001 ZX-12R Candy Lime Green #926740
2000/2001 ZX-12R Candy Persimmon Red #926469
2000 ZX-12R (Candy Persimmon Red/Candy Lime Green)
Lower Fairing - Pearl Purplish Black #953372

2001 ZX-12R (Candy Persimmon Red/Candy Lime Green)
Lower Fairing - Black

2000/2003 ZX-12R Fuel Tank - Greystone #925686
2000/2003 ZX-12R Ram Air Covers - Greystone #925686
2000/2005 ZX-12R Frame - Stoiz Black #925214

2001 ZX-12R Candy Lightning Blue #926863
2001 ZX-12R (Candy Lightning Blue)
Lower Fairing - Pearl Purplish Black #953372

2002 ZX-12R Passion Red #911264
2002 ZX-12R (Passion Red) Lower Fairing
Pearl Cosmic Grey #926215

(it's suppose to be 926215, not 926615)

2003 ZX-12R Moonlight Silver #925688
2003/2004 ZX-12R Lime Green (1996-2005) #46621
Info from a Spray Painter.
If you want that lime-green to be more vibrant youshould paint it over a white base.
Its made of 85%-yellow 10%-dark green and 5% white.
Don't mix in so much white, if you want it to be more greenish.

2004/2005 ZX-12R Metallic Spark Black #926330
2004 ZX-12R Galaxy Silver #925817

2006 ZX-14/ZZR1400 Passion Red #911264

2013 ZX-6R ABS Lime Green #926741

1990 ZX-6D Kawasaki 665C Candy Cardinal Red #926465




The information below was kindly supplied

by Blitz of


ZX-12R Clutch/Stator/Sprocket Cover Paint Codes

Any good PPG Auto paint supplier should

be able to mix this for you:

Paint: PPG Duracryl Acrylic Lacquer
OEM: n/a
Paint #: DDL25146 Cinnamon Poly
Tinting Guide: DDL25146
DMA329 17.9
DMA356 26.0
DMA323 60.0
DMA358 97.1
DMA307 106.0
DMA316 186.1

- Blitz







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