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Quick Action Throttle Insert






If you want a quicker/shorter throttle twist/action, you can fit an insert onto your existing throttle,

You were able to get machined plastic Throttle Inserts from Riffleman, at Double Z Racing

a few years back (2010 - 2012), but I am not sure if these are available today !!!

Or fit the Throttle Tube from another Kawasaki, or fit a completely different throttle assembly.

You can make a throttle insert quite easily, if you have the right tools, or you may be able to buy a quick action throttle insert.

Or fit the throttle tube from a number of Kawasaki's





OEM part Number : GRIP-ASSY,THROTTLE 46019-0001


Thankyou NinjaYorkie



On some bikes you may find that the throttle inner cable will be too short and tight even after slackening the screw adjusters. You will be able to shorten the outer cable a small amount






How To Shorten The Outer Throttle Cable







You only need to shorten one of the outer throttle cables on the Kawasaki ZX-12R

Shortening the outer cable makes the inner cable longer!!

Remove the silver end cap from the outer cable, and then cut 15 to 20mm of plastic outer sheaving from the outer cable.

Clamp 10 to 15mm of outer cable in a vice



and cut into the outer cable, most of the way through,

but not completely, with a junior hacksaw.


use the side of the vice as a guide




The cable should look like this when cut



Hold the cable with a pair of pliers,

twist and snap the remaining outer cable



Use a screwdriver, to spread the cable



Unwind the outer cable with

molegrips and pliers









Refit the silver end cap.



Tools and a decent vice.


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