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Rear View Mirror Repair




    If any of your Rear View Mirrors has a 'Wobbly Lens'

    This may help to repair it.

    View all the pictures before you start.



    Use a torch to look into the back of the mirror,

    You will see the metal ring and lip you will want to lever against.






    Push a large screwdriver between the mirror lens carrier,

    and the body.

    You may want to protect the Mirror Body when levering.

    Take note of the 'Top Corner' in the pictures.




    You want to lever the 'Lens Carrier' off the ball cup.

    The Ball Cup did 'Mark' slightly,

    but functioned perfectly afterwards.



    The screw in the center of the 'Mirror Ball' comes loose,

    causing the mirror to 'wobble'.







    Refit the Mirror Ball, and tighten the screw.



    Place the Mirror Lens and Carrier flat on a table or bench,

    so the lens is supported, but near the edge, so that the mirror mount,

    'clears' the table or bench.



    Hold the Mirror Body 'square' to the lens,

    make sure there lined up with each other,

    and push the body onto the lens.

    (Into the Ball Cup



Refit the Mirror.

Job done.





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