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Setting the Throttle Position Sensor 'TPS'. (Driveability)








This mod should be done after the timing

and other modifications, because they will effect this setting.


#25 Tamper Proof Torx bit (with centre hole) needed.

There are 2 ways to adjust the TPS.

The first way is dynamically with the bike running.

Adjusting the TPS this way you don't need a digital volt meter.

Each bike is slightly different and this may be a way to adjust for those differences

without relying on a set voltage or movement amount.


1- Warm up bike until the fan is starting to cycle, engine hot.
2- Loosen TPS adjustment screws.
3- Raise idle to 2000 rpm with idle adjustment screw.
4- Move TPS until highest idle speed above 2000 rpm is achieved.
5-Tighten down screws and readjust idle to 1000 rpm.




The second way is using a digital volt meter, with the 'ignition' switched on, and the engine 'not running'.



1)Take two 2" pieces of a strong THIN wire (I use .020 stainless safety wire)

and back probe the terminals on the TPS connector.

Slide the thin probe wire between the rubber seal and the TPS wire.

This will not damage the wires or connectors at all.

Go across the Yellow/White and Brown/Black wires with a DIGITAL volt ohm meter, set to DC volts.



The TPS: Sensor       



2)Turn the ignition on, and tap the TPS with your finger till it gets to the desired reading of 1.16 v dc.

Don't ever use an analogue volt meter when dealing with any computerized cars,

bikes whatever. (analogue meters are the ones with a sweeping needle indicator)

You can always return the TPS to the stock 1.084vdc - 1.086vdc setting,

if the change is not an improvement in drivability.




My Opinion


Resetting the TPS definitely made a difference to the Throttle response

Try it out, it works.





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