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TomTom Sat Nav Mount




This is one way to mount your TomTom Sat Nav to your


Kawasaki ZX-12R  A1 or A2





I know this type of mount can be fitted to the A1 (2000) and A2 (2001) Kawasaki ZX12-R





The 'Allen' key size for the top nut is 12mm, but can be a bit sloppy.



Using a 13mm hex will allow you to 'file' the end so it will be a 'interference fit'.



The 'filed end' also needs to be 'countersunk'



'Filed end' countersunk, so the screw sits into the hex nut




The hex nut fitted to the 'Steering Stem Nut' and 'hammered home',

so with the countersunk screw fitted, the hex nut will be tight.

You can then use a 13mm deep socket over the 'hex nut' to tighten the Steering stem top nut



This is the reason the hex nut is countersunk, because if it is not !!

The 'Blue Area' marked on the countersunk screw will contact

The 'Blue Area' on the top of the steering stem, and not tighten the top yoke/triple tree properly.

The 'red area' on the steering stem nut, must contact the 'red area' of the top yoke /triple tree to secure properly.

The steering stem top nut does not contact with the 'white dotted area', there is a gap.



These are the dimensions of the M8 long Hex Nut I used

M8 x 1.25 x 24 x 13 x 15



Use a hacksaw to remove the Ram Clamp/Mount 'Ball'



Drill (6.8mm) and tap M8 x 1.25 to a depth of no more than 30mm



Drilling, tapping and fixing with an 8mm screw, up into the ball will ensure your TomTom will not fall off.


















Some TomTom Rider V2 mounts stop charging.

This seems to be a common problem, and a new mount is in the region of 60 GB pounds.

The TomTom charges with a 5v dc (about 1 amp)
You can modify an old TomTom mini usb charger,

opening it up and removing the parts that connect to the auxiliary charger, the metal springy bits,

and solder wires directly to its circuit board, 12v + and 12v -

Cut the mini usb plug from the end, and test with a multi-meter, so you get the correct 5v + and 5v -

Connect the 5v +, to the red wire of your TomTom Rider Mount power cable, and the 5v - to the black wire.

You now have a direct 5v feed to your TomTom Rider.

Now to modify the 'mount'

The mount can be a pain to take apart, it will take quite a bit of abuse, but can break, the outer is made of aluminium,

and the inner part is plastic. you will need to prise it apart, to get one 'hinge pin' free, it will then come apart.















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