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The Kawasaki ZX-12R Touring Rack






The side rack outer frames have been made,

and have been mounted from the rear foot peg mounts.



I started to make the top rack, but was not happy with it.




I am using the existing 6mm rear fairing mountings and bolts at present,

But these will be changed, because the mounts or bolts are not strong enough.




I carried on with the side rack mounts.



This is where I modified the rear subframe, as the original rear fairing mounts are no way near strong enough to carry

any sort of weight. I had previously broken one of the front mounts off.



The existing rear fairing mounting, 6mm rivnut/rivit nut/blind nut/nut-sert were drill out, and the holes opened up to 20mm,

drilling the hole through the outer and inner wall of the square aluminium rear subframe tube.



I bought some 30mm aluminium solid bar, and had a set of four inner and outer parts machined.

The inner parts had a 15 mm recess, for the outer part to fit into when fitted through the rear fairing.



The inner parts which fit through the square aluminium rear subframe tube were welded in place.





The larger top rack and more substantial sub frame mounts now completed.





Take note of the lower side rack mounting bolts,

where the passenger foot pegs used to bolt.



Testing the rack fitting, with the rear seat and seat cover in place,

which will be replaced when the rear Touring Fuel Tank and cover is fitted.



The bolts holding the rack are now 8mm, which will be plenty of strength

for the weight that is going to be carried.




The Touring Rack top and sides are finished, and the rear Touring Fuel Tank and 'Seat Cover' are fitted. Now modifying

an original rear seat foam and cover, which 'Velcro's' to the front of the Rear Touring Fuel Tank.










The piece of rear seat cover Velcro'd to the front of the Touring Tank,

can be easily removed,so the riders seat bolts can be undone.




It looks like there is a lot of weight on the rack, but it only weighed 20kgs,

and its in exactly the same place as if you had a passenger.







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